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We provide extensive talent sourcing, carry out initial interviews to have a feel of the candidates if they are fit for the client’s requirements and provide full document compliance prior to sending CV to you. With the extensive knowledge and experience of our recruitment team, we can offer you exceptional recruitment services, where you can fully rely with our team of experts to ease that burden in doing so. Our aim is providing the right solutions for your staffing needs.

So far, our recruitment services supported our clients who are running various healthcare services like private clinics, Covid-19 testing centres, hospitals, nursing care homes, residential homes and domiciliary care providers across the United Kingdom. These services extend from dental nursing to various types of healthcare needs, such as brain injury rehabilitation, learning disability, palliative care, day care centre, physical disability, dementia care, nursing care, elderly mentally infirm (EMI), complex care, hospital discharges, long-term ventilation, live-in carer and convalescent care.

We are proud to say that we become one of their recruitment partners in delivering quality candidates that deliver quality services to their service-users, patients or residents.